Worshiping America

by Don Hartness

This week’s featured writer is Noel Delgado, author of the blog article Living the Kingdom. Noel writes with a fresh perspective on a variety of subjects related to Christianity, while incorporating knowledge and wisdom from a range of religions and disciplines. One article in particular made me stand up and take notice.

Although rarely recognized today, nationalism is an idol that is alive and well in America.  It blinds citizens to our nation’s defects, both in process and character.  Although many thinkers and writers throughout the last few hundred years have identified the troubles and dangers of nationalism (see George Orwell’s Notes on Nationalism for extensive reading), I don’t think I have ever seen such a concise summary as presented in this post.

Worshiping America

The question for you: do we commit idolatry by worshiping our country, along with its creed and values?  All comments welcome.