The evil within

by Don Hartness

Let me be clear.

I am not making a political statement. I am not expressing anti-Americanism, nor am I trashing patriotism. This is not an anti-war, hippie-based statement.

My only point in presenting this video is simply this: evil, along with the actions and behavior associated with it, is not a matter of “us” vs. “them”. It is simply a matter of “us”.

What is in this video? Obtained over 2 years ago and published via WikiLeaks, it shows an attack by a U.S. helicopter on Iraqi “combatants” in 2005. I say “combatants” because none of them appeared to be armed. If you look very closely, one person appears to be carrying something that might be an AK (although, if I were a citizen in Iraq, I would carry one too). If so, it still seems like an unjustifiable target for helicopter gunfire.

Regardless of whether the initial group of “combatants” was armed or not, what happens next is simply disgusting…

The horrible part? The U.S. soldiers are all joking and laughing, like the incident was a Call of Duty game…

This is not for those with a weak stomach…

Collateral Murder