Being good and what it gets ya

by Don Hartness

I wish it was an isolated incident.

I quit the linen business. Looking back, I wish I had fought until fired. At least then I could have drawn an unemployment check. Instead, I went through six months of unemployment and despair – my reward for virtuosity.

Why didn’t more people in that company stand up against the lying, cheating, and stealing? Well, you already know the answer.

For the majority of readers, your paycheck is a visible testimony that all of your virtues, morals, and ethics can be bought off, dirt-cheap.

Don’t think so? A recent scandal is sufficient proof. Do you think you would have done differently?

By now, Jerry Sandusky is a household name, both who he is and what he did. However, as Charles Pierce points out in this article written at Grantland for ESPN, Sandusky’s actions are not the real story.

The real story was about an institution covering for their paychecks. We are all Penn State.

The brutal truth about Penn State

What does your company do that keeps you up at night?