Series posts

From time to time, a topic will grab my interest, eliciting a series of posts that can include mini-essays, points of contention, article links, quotes, and more. For quick navigation, I include them here, along with a short summary, if applicable. Click the header to read more.

The Atheist Letters

A couple of years ago, my life hit rock-bottom. The worst part was that it wasn’t the first time, nor was it the result of some crime, addiction, or coldness of heart. Instead, I got there by both chasing after God, and by loving a person whom I believed would be my future soulmate, only to watch my efforts end in heartbreak.

Broke and destitute after years of struggle, pain, and failure, I began to question my faith for the first time. A few simple questions thrown into Google exposed me to the vast array of online material supporting an atheistic perspective on reality. For the first time, I became familiar with a common quote spoken among atheists today: “The Internet is where faith goes to die.”

Well, at it turns out, not always. Sometimes, the exercise of analyzing one’s beliefs only serves to strengthen one’s faith…

The Problem of Evil

Human evil exists.

Not to be confused with natural evil, human, or moral evil, is everywhere. A summary look at the last hundred years confirms it. The dispute is not whether there is something called moral evil, but everything else. What is the scope of evil? Where does it come from? Is it inherited? Is it learned? Is culture to blame? Religion?

There are many great philosophical arguments on evil. This series is not meant to contribute anything new to that discussion. Rather, I am merely making a series of observations concerning evil.