The Problem of Evil

Human evil exists.

Not to be confused with natural evil, human, or moral evil, is everywhere. A summary look at the last hundred years confirms it. The dispute is not whether there is something called moral evil, but everything else. What is the scope of evil? Where does it come from? Is it inherited? Is it learned? Is culture to blame? Religion?

There are many great philosophical arguments on evil. This series is not meant to contribute anything new to that discussion. Rather, I am merely making a series of observations concerning evil.

Sweep it under the rug

Why is the nation struggling with what Adam Lanza did? One word: denial. Asking the tough questions, and seeking the tough answers, is the only path to knowledge and wisdom.

Hiding in the dark

An essential quote from Scott Peck on the nature of evil – a must-read.

The art of self-deception

From our culture to our society to the way we present ourselves, is it any wonder we struggle with the ability to perceive ourselves in the mirror?

All you need is love

The question is not whether everybody has love, but who (or what) do you love…

It’s no mystery

Al Pacino telling it how it is.

A victimless crime

When good boys do bad things…

The evil within

It’s not about “us” vs. “them” since, as this video demonstrates, there is only “us”.

The blame game

The Special Prosecutor on behalf of employee grievances at ACME Co. reveals who the true criminals are behind our economic meltdown…

Rigging the game

In the dog-eat-dog world of finance, why you are nothing but sheep for the slaughter…

A dirty business

What happens when you fail to recognize that, in the world of business, revenue can only go one direction.

Being good and what it gets ya

Why none of us would have done anything about Penn St’s monster, Jerry Sandusky (from Charles Pierce at Grantland).


When the messenger bears bad news…

Everyday evil

Evil is not always a grotesque act: it is all around us.

The root of all evil

The love of money is the root of all evil according to the Bible, but this is just one example of a more fundamental problem.