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Whether this if your first time to my blog, or you are checking out the new look, may I start by saying “welcome”. Allow me to share a few navigation notes as you surf around.

First, I should note that I am currently attending graduate school while working full-time, so it should come as no surprise that posts on this blog will be sporadic at best, with periods of famine in between. This also applies to comments. I screen comments; hence, if it takes a while for your comment to show up, or if it takes a while for me to reply, be patient with me.

Second, you may notice that I write about an eclectic mix of topics. Few are interested in everything I write about, and that’s okay. To help you, each post will begin with a category listing, so that you don’t waste time reading something you are not interested in.

What are the categories? On this WordPress theme, you can scroll to the bottom and see them, along with archives, Twitter, and more. Some are self-explanatory, while others need a description. Here’s the list:

  • Christendom – although I am a disciple, I am not necessarily a fan of the religion erected in His name. Here is where you will find challenges and criticisms of the Christianity as a whole, spanning denominations and churches. It is my hope that these posts and essays will spur purification of the faithful, leading to a more robust faith as we move forward into this new century.
  • The Way – a reference to the earliest church, long before the term “Christian” was formed (which was originally meant to be an insult…strange, but true…). In contrast to the above, I write about the finer points of the faith, including teachings and instructions I have learned as I walk this path of faith.
  • Influences – articles, quotes, and featured writers collected along the way, often in reference to posts and essays written under other categories.
  • My path – notes from my personal journey along “The Way”.
  • Perspectives – stories from a perception other than my own.
  • Psychology – although I chose not to go down this professional path strictly speaking (MSW), counseling is a career path open to me when I finish. These posts concern the discipline as a whole, with a slant towards clinical subjects, especially social and abnormal psychology, as well as therapeutic practice.
  • Series Posts – posts revolving around a specific subject. Click the link above for more info.
  • Society – highlighting the absurdities, fallacies, and sweet spots of our modern world.
  • All Things Love – I reject any philosophy that does not include love. Here is where I write about love, including anything hinting at being synonymous with that funny word “love”.

Some extra notes:

  • Essays too long for blog posts will appear in the same-titled link at the top. A post will appear pointing to the essay, for anybody interested.
  • Alternatively to following this blog, you can follow me on Twitter, in which all posts will appear there too.
  • I encourage free expression from any and all alternative points of view, but I reserve the right to remove comments that are abusive to myself or others, no matter what your point of view.

It is my sincere hope that you find something here that you can take with you.